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Providing Value to Your Advertisers

A Brand Building Tool

Ad Catalyst provides an everyday brand advertising measurement system you can use to help your advertisers optimize their campaigns for maximum return-on-investment. Publishers implementing Ad Catalyst now have a tool they can use every day to optimize ad creative and campaigns for clients.


Ad Catalyst helps you answer the No. 1 question advertisers have: How is my ad campaign performing?

Ad Catalyst goes beyond simple click-through measurement to offer a in-depth set of data based on brand lift. We believe brand lift is a more relevant metric for online brand advertising campaigns, measuring key brand and consumer attributes.

Ad Catalyst is a scalable, everyday brand advertising measurement system for any brand ad campaign.

Ad Catalyst drives brand ad sales by helping you:

  • Attract and retain advertisers
  • Increase the size of your deals
  • Enhance your reputation through use of in-depth, real-time data
  • Strengthen your relationships

Normative Data and Best Practices

The true power of Ad Catalyst will be recognized every single day it's used, but once a series of brand ad campaigns have been completed, you'll benefit even more. A wealth of normative data will be at your disposal for reference when determining the best strategy for an ad campaign.

This data will provide you with a valuable tool to provide pro-active consultation with key brand advertisers. In the end, the information from Ad Catalyst will provide you with the tools to optimize campaigns for your advertisers to maximize their ROI and keep them coming back.

An Indispensible Tool to Improve ROI

For Everyday Use Across Brand Campaigns

The Ad Catalyst approach provides a wealth of valuable data that agencies can act on to build relationships with clients, increase ad campaign accountability, and to improve advertising return-on-investment.

Ad Catalyst's focus on brand lift provides key measures of typical brand attributes such as purchase intent - this is just the type of data many brands require to justify more online ad spending.

Additionally, by focusing on brand attributes through the "lift" of a campaign, Ad Catalyst goes far beyond measurement by clicks alone. By measuring how campaigns drive perceptions, Ad Catalyst enables the development of stronger, brand-building creative, and thereby delivers real, measurable advertising ROI.

Measure Brand Impact in Real-Time

Ad Catalyst Provides a Wealth of Data

Measuring the effectiveness of brand advertising online has changed forever. With Vizu Ad Catalyst, brand advertisers can access a wealth of data that goes far beyond click-through rates.

Using brand lift as a metric, Ad Catalyst can determine the primary brand objective of your ad campaign. Our methodology provides a brand advertiser with the tools to measure:

  • Awareness
  • Brand attributes
  • Favorability
  • Purchase intent
  • Other

Brand Lift is More Relevant Than CTR

With Ad Catalyst, you can also optimize campaigns and ad creative execution in real-time. Brands can access a wealth of information through the Ad Catalyst real-time dashboard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Click-through rates continue to serve the online ad industry well for direct response campaigns. But for brand campaigns, a new brand lift metric is required to measure the true benefits of the creative itself, and the campaign as a whole.

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