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Increase Incremental Advertising Revenue


Vibrant In-Text Ads allow some of the worlds' most premium & recognized publishers to expand advertising real-estate and revenue without adding more clutter.

Easy Implementation

Vibrant In-Text Advertising campaigns are as easy to implement as a banner campaign. If your site qualifies , the campaigns can be live within one business day.

Guidelines and Standards

As the in-text advertising leaders, our guidelines and standards ensure that the ads are delivered responsibly.

Positive User Experience

Vibrant In-Text Advertising is a 100% user-controlled, allowing the user to view advertising only when they choose to move their mouse over a relevant word of interest. Research conducted by Nielsen provides evidence that users prefer in-text advertising to other online advertising formats.

Editorial Guidelines

Similar to many online advertising solutions, Vibrant In-Text Advertising is an automated process that cannot influence, or be influenced, by the editorial team within Vibrant's partner publications. Learn more about our Editorial Policy here .


Gain Incremental Revenue Through Relevant Display Advertising

VIA runs seamlessly with other display advertising, providing additional CPM based ad revenue.

Easy Implementation

VIA is easy to implement and uses approved IAB display advertising formats. If your site qualifies, it can be live within a few minutes.

Precise Contextual Relevance

Vibrant InterestAD (VIA) offers a highly relevant advertising experience that's in line with a user's interest.


Vibrant InterestAD (VIA) are targeted based on words bought by brand advertisers, not by site.


Retain Users & Create New Page Views

This convenient editorial tool will generate new page views by propelling forward navigation and re-circulating users throughout a website, network or portal.

Eliminate Dead Ends

Vibrant Related Content creates an automated linking system that will eliminate dead ends by ensuring there is always more relevant information within each article, and helps increase a user's time spent on website.

Creates New Ad Real Estate Opportunities

Vibrant Related Content offers the ability to gain additional advertising space and increased revenue without adding more page clutter with pre-roll ads and/or other IAB formats.

Enhance Hyperlinks

Bring content to life by conveniently delivering relevant previews of videos, articles and information, and allow users to discover more editorial information from words within web content.

Customized Look & Clear Differentiation from Vibrant In-Text Ads

Vibrant Related Content automatically mirrors the hyperlink style of a publisher's editorial links, but adds a small search icon to signify that information has been returned. Vibrant In-Text Ads are always clearly identified with a double-underline.

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