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Obeus is The Democratic Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Impressions Advertising Service

This system allows you to advertise text ads or media banners on sites registered in our Directory.

Obeus Features

  • No fictitious prices on advertising; all prices are defined by real demand and supply!
  • Single account for advertiser and publisher advertise your site and make money on it simultaneously.
  • Affiliate Program get 40% bonus of any referred publisher earnings and 10% of any referred advertiser spends. FOREVER!
  • Sites Catalogue with review and rating system.


  • Make money publishing ads on your web-site.
  • Full-controllable Ad block design.
  • Tolerant policy: we accept sites of different size and popularity.
  • Detailed earnings statistics.
  • Traffic counter and other additional features.
  • Payment options: PayPal , AlertPay , LibertyReserve , Pecunix and e-Gold .


  • Full-controllable advertising campaign: detailed spend statistics, daily spend limits are supported.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) minimum is 1 cent only!
  • Fast advertising campaign setup.
  • Fair CPM policy: you won't pay for useless traffic!
  • Advanced forecasting tool.
  • We accept 125x125, 468x60, 728x90 banners (GIF, JPG, PNG or even Flash!)
  • Payment options: Visa / MasterCard , AlertPay , LibertyReserve and Pecunix.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Context text ads differs from banner ads heavily. The most important reasons why using pay-per-click text ads instead of banners:

  • When using banner ads advertiser pays for banner impressions. Even if nobody sees them, you have to pay money. Advertising at Obeus.com you pay only for real clicks and your site visitors.
  • When visitor clicks on banner he usually doesn't understand where he will be redirected by banner ads system. There are no such problems with text ads which give advertiser only motivated visitors.
  • Some sites that sell advertising space on their pages themselves don't show real statistics to potential advertiser and set completely unjustified price for their ad space.
    For example, why should you believe to some site that sells banner or text-link ad space for $500 per month and claims that it has 100,000 visitors per month?
    Using Obeus.com advertising service you are sure that every dollar paid for advertising worth it. Any price for ad space is formed by demands and supplies and is not set at site's owner will. Hence you save advertising funds and get high-quality service.
  • It's a fact that text ads have higher CTR than banner ads. Point is that text ads are not treated as advertisements subconsciously. Visitors trust more to text ads.

For Publishers

Ad space on popular websites is the most valuable thing for advertiser. Its value is even higher if visitors of that website appear to be in advertiser's target group.

Selling ad space himself publisher faces some complex challenges.

At first, he need to find advertisers who want to pay money for advertising on his website. It's very hard for relatively new web projects because of low website attendance and advertiser's fear of poor result and wasting money.

Secondly, publisher has to specify prices for his ad space. It's not a simple task too, because too high rates will turn potential advertisers back, and too low rates will look suspicious.

Thirdly, someone should work around technical aspects to add support of rotating ads to publisher's website engine.

It's very far from a complete list.

Obeus.com mission is to solve the problems indicated above for you. Let's move point by point.

  1. From the advertiser's point of view it doesn't matter if it is one website with 10,000 unique visitors a day or ten websites with 1,000 daily visitors on each. In many cases the last offer is even better for advertiser, especially if he pays money only for result. So, with help of Obeus.com you can get a complex advertiser you couldn't even imagine before.
  2. You don't have to think about prices for ads on your website. Independently of what your website is devoted to, Obeus.com always knows true rates for ads on it because they are formed by advertisers themselves and depend on real demand and supply!
  3. You could forget about any technical questions. Just insert simple JavaScript code generated for you by Obeus.com and get started! Obeus.com will do all other jobs for you.

For Advertisers

If you need to advertise your web project and don't have spare money, you are in the right place. The following article describes Obeus.com potentials, directed to help you to find an optimal advertising solution.

Two main problems the advertiser faces are:

  1. Where to find favorable ad space?
  2. What is the real cost of advertising and is it worth of spent money?

Obeus.com gives comprehensive answers to these questions.

With Obeus.com you can:

  • Cover the whole field of your interest. Just create the ad, define the desired target group and it will be automatically delivered to each potential visitor of your website. Remember, that you pay money only for real , but not potential visitors!
  • Take a full control of your advertising campaign and money.
  • Select the target websites yourself.
  • Create an ad and start advertising campaign in the shortest possible time.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) minimum is 1 cent only!

With Obeus.com you can be sure that you didn't pay even an extra penny for advertising. No fictitious prices, just the real situation!


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