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Introducing Chitika | Select Ads

Chitika is happy to announce an upgrade to your Chitika | Premium ads designed to give you more revenue. Introducing Chitika | Select ads: The ability to show ads to more than just your search traffic.

Using our click prediction technology, Chitika | Select ads will display on your site when there is a higher chance to receive a click on the ad.

We are pleased to announce an exciting new upgrade to our network of Chitika | Premium ads, designed to give you even more user-targeted ad revenue. While Chitika | Premium only displayed to search engine traffic, we will now be able to expandChitika ads to show to select non-search traffic as well.

Meet Chitika | Select: a new advertising solution that will upgrade and improve our existing Premium product by displaying to a select group of your non-search traffic.

The Chitika engineering team has spent a lot of time trying to predict when a person clicks on an ad. Through user targeting, A/B testing, and thorough in-depth analysis, they’ve found that user intent can be determined by more than just search. In addition to our current ad display to search, we are now utilizing our advanced statistical research and click prediciton technology to displaying ads targeted to each user.

The result is simple: More impressions, and more revenue for Chitika publishers. We know most of our publishers will enjoy these added benefits. By increasing the base of visitors we target our ads to, wecan increase our affiliated publishers’ potential earnings.

Introducing a New Segment of Revenue

Chitika | Select is an upgraded version of the wildly successful Chitika Premium units.

The Chitika team took all the benefits of Chitika | Premium’s search targeted technology and combined our new advanced click
prediction technology to create the new Chitika | Select ad units.

The Select unit will display ads on your site based on the user’s intent. When our click prediction engine says that there is a high probability of a click, it will kick in and present an appropriate advertisement. The percentage of non-search traffic that will be part of the targeted Chitika | Select traffic will vary from site to site. Network wide we expect to see anywhere between a 20 - 40% increase in volume (impressions) resulting in a 5 - 10% increase in revenue to Chitika publishers.
These changes will go into effect across the Chitika network of publishers Monday March 8th 2010.
There will still be a segment of non-search traffic on any Chitika publisher’s website where Chitika | Select ad units don’t show any ads. When this is the case the ad will collapse entirely – it will not display, and it will not leave any blank space.

Comparing Chitika | Premium and Select

The distinct advantage that Chitika | Select has over it’s predecesor Chitika | Premium is that Select will target ads to non search traffic when a click is deemed likely by our click prediction engine.

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