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Reach 100 million users across 70,000 sites.

Make money from your site traffic. Show relevant, high-quality advertising.



Generate revenue with high-quality, targeted ads on your site.

Get ads from thousands of advertisers, including top brands.

AdBrite can help you monetize your site with advertising that fits the content and user base of your site. Our base of advertisers includes top brands like Live Nation, GM, AT&T and Verizon—at the same time, AdBrite serves ads on nearly 1 billion pages daily, providing massive scale opportunities.

Optimize results with full transparency and control.

The AdBrite interface is very easy to use – you can sign up online and run ads on your site in minutes. Once you're up and running, your publisher dashboard will give you all the latest detailed information about every single ad that's run on your site.

Try out a full suite of ad formats.

In addition to text and banner ads, AdBrite offers advanced options like our Full Page Ad , BritePic , and Inline ads. These formats will allow you to show high-value ads without losing site real estate—and the multimedia formats let you take advantage of the photos and video clips on your site. Bottom line, you'll earn more than with the standard options provided by most ad networks.


Earnings & Payment

Time to cash in on all the hard work.

AdBrite pays publishers on a monthly basis. The default minimum check amount is $100, but you can set it as low as $5. You can view your earnings by month, by ad zone, and by ad format, and also find out when your most recent check was processed. We'll also send you an email to let you know whenever a check is coming your way.

The Net-60 rule

Payments are issued in US Dollars, two months (net-60) after you accrue them. For example, earnings from March 2007 will get paid out in May 2007. If your revenue does not meet your minimum check amount, that revenue will automatically roll over to the following month. We begin processing payments on the first business day of each month and mail them out within the first five days.

Check arrival

For US addresses, please allow 7 to 10 business days for your check to arrive. Non-US addresses may take up to 21 business days.




Drive traffic. Attract New Customers.

Reach 100 million users across 70,000 sites.

AdBrite can help you reach your target consumer across our network of sites, which ranges from major web brands as well as smaller specialty sites. AdBrite serves ads on nearly 1 billion pageviews daily.

Utilize our advanced targeting and high-impact ad types.

Tell us who you'd like to target — defined by user or site characteristic — and we'll help you reach them. OTEx (Open Targeting Exchange) ensures your ad will benefit from leading edge targeting. Use standard ad units, like banners and text ads , or try our unique Full Page Ad .

Optimize your campaign to maximize results.

AdBrite offers advertisers unparalleled transparency and control. You'll see every site your ad has run on, and can allocate more budget to better-performing sites, or pause under-performing sites. Bottom line, your budget will work harder.

Take advantage of cost-per-click performance.

CPC banners work just like CPC text ads on AdBrite. We will enter your maximum bid and then our system automatically optimizes on a site-by-site basis to deliver clicks at or below your target cost-per-click. You only pay when someone clicks your ad.

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